The Raven’s Eye

The latest scything adventure, July 2022: Mowing a well-kept meadow for real haymaking for real animals. Many thanks to the filming crew who wish to remain anonymous.

I’m stunned by the difference between my perceived movements and my actual movements when mowing. In my perception, I twist more, have a straighter back, keep my left elbow close to my side. But in actual fact – all different! I now get what tutors at the Improvers’ Masterclass meant when giving feedback on my mowing.

It also reminds me of many things I’ve learned in the past 12 month. The blade now remains on the ground as it should, my feet aren’t rooted to the spot any more, I’ve a much better understanding of picking the right mowing direction and weather conditions, I can now actually see the edge of the blade changing as I sharpen it.