Raven Language Lab

Aside from gardening, I also teach German grinds (since 2013).

I am a German native speaker and enjoy passing on my knowledge of the German language to students.

At school and when training for my first career, I learned several languages, some modern, some ancient, all of them fascinating. Now that I live in Ireland, I try to learn Irish, which is keeping me familiar with the difficulties and joys of acquiring a new language.

My aim in teaching grinds is to offer relaxed, reliable and personalized support.

I am familiar with the school curriculum and Junior and Leaving Cert exams. I provide vocabulary and grammar exercises that help the student learn the necessary skills. Lessons also include information about German culture and geography, as well as short dialogues in German to practice speaking and listening.

One-to-one teaching allows for customized lessons at a pace to suit the student. Whenever possible, I try to take the student’s personal interests (such as art, sports, music etc.) into account. I strongly believe we learn more easily if our curiosity is sparked.

A lesson is usually an hour long and takes place once a week. I usually travel to the student’s house.

I teach all levels (Junior/Leaving Cert ordinary&higher level, third level, also children who already have some knowledge of the German language).

COVID-19 Update 07-01-2021: Raven Language Lab is closed for the time being.