Projects and Plans

The past months have been filled with big and small projects – not only in private gardens, but also in a public location in Whitegate. Two enthusiastic groups of school children, together with their dedicated school principal, helped to finish the Whitegate project and turned it into a much-appreciated community event.

A sensory path is gaining shape in a garden where children with autism and other special needs come to visit regularly. The idea is to fill the path with sections of different materials like sand, stone, timber etc., so that people walking the path barefoot can feel the impact of different materials on the soles of their feet.

Nature is thriving in abundance this summer. There is a good amount of growth and plants are richly adorned with beautiful flowers.
The Braeburn apple tree is stretching its main shoot and side shoots and is slowly beginning to look like a proper tree.

July promises a number of gardening outings and acquisition of new skills – watch this space!

Whitegate school children planting a public plant border
Chamomile lawn on sensory path
Shells and pebbles on sensory path
Hand-sewn ‘scarecrow’ curtain to keep birds out of a client’s greenhouse
Braeburn apple tree
Main and side shoots stretching
Abundant flowers in a border newly planted a year ago

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