Outings and a New Skill

A mighty, beautiful, bountiful summer! Gardens are flowering, fruit are ripening.
The Braeburn apple tree has added 50cm to its main shoot and is now as tall as a tall person.

Aphrodite’s Gardens went on four exciting outings:
First to Nangle&Niesen Wholesale Nurseries, where the head gardener showed us rows and rows of amazing trees of various ages and sizes. Tree heaven!
Next came an Open Day at Sandro Cafolla’s wildflower farm. Mr Cafolla supplied excellent information on how to start and maintain a wildflower meadow and its benefits for biodiversity. He has been supplying wildflower seeds for 30 years and puts an emphasis on native seeds. The website www.wildflowers.ie provides plenty of information and many different seed mixes to choose from, something to suit each site and soil type.
Autumn is the time for soil preparation and sowing, so if you’d like to have a wildflower meadow or even a small wildflower area in your garden, start planning now and give us a call!
The next outing took us to Fota House&Gardens, where a free guided tour takes place every Wednesday during the summer months. Fota has a great collection of native and more exotic trees, many of them planted many decades ago. In the walled garden, some sections of lawn have recently been transformed into areas of wildflowers and pollinator friendly flowers. A different take on what we saw at Sandro Cafolla’s farm.
The last outing was a scything course. Mowing by scythe is a big trend in the UK and on the continent. It is an eco-friendly way of maintaining meadows and weedy areas, as it uses no fossil fuels and causes neither air nor noise pollution. A great skill to add to the services provided by Aphrodite’s Gardens!

Braeburn’s main shoot
Open Day at Sandro Cafolla’s wildflower farm
Cornus kousa flowering at Fota House&Gardens
Mowing by scythe

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