Letting it Happen

A month later, the country is still in lockdown and we’re awaiting the next government announcement regarding a lifting of restrictions.
I’m watching nature change on my daily 2km walks. Ornamental Cherry Trees have started opening and are now in full bloom. The pink ones are beginning to go over. The Horse Chestnuts further down the road are flowering beautifully.
On an rare trip to town I was amazed at the difference in nature’s progress there and here. Much more advanced in town (where it’s warmer), lagging behind here near the coast (where it’s cooler and the wind is stronger).
There’s progress in the ‘exotic trees’ experiment. The seeds floated in water have germinated very nicely. They are now getting adjusted to seed compost and are slowly starting to grow their second set of leaves. The seeds I stored in the fridge have now finished their period of cold stratification and have been sown into seed compost. Those seeds sown directly into a cold frame outdoors are slowly starting to germinate.
I’m also growing some vegetables this year. Usually, this is the busiest time of year, but during lockdown there’s time for veg growing at home. Endive, courgettes and radishes have come up in the course of 20 days. Tomato plants are sitting in a makeshift polytunnel, hoping for warmer temperatures.
And, good news: The young apple tree is flowering!

Ornamental Cherry Blossom
Flowering Horse Chestnut
Tiny seedlings of exotic trees
Vegetable production
Braeburn apple tree blossoming

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