From 0 to 100 Over Night


While I hadn’t been doing nothing during lockdown, I had been doing things at my own pace, often interrupted by lockdown fatigue. Since May 18th I’m back at work, and the pace has speeded up dramatically. It’s May, so everything has to be done at the same time, and most clients’ gardens want my attention. There’s some catching up to do. Advertising and business skills want to be taken care of. On top of that, the annual voluntary strimming of local graveyards is taking up some evening hours.

Gardens have thrived in the long weeks of lockdown. Clients have upped their gardening skills and spent a lot of time looking after their gardens. It’s a pleasure to see the progress.

The Braeburn apple tree is growing steadily and has one small apple. Let’s hope it won’t fall off!

Strimming the tall grass in local graveyards
Painless removal of dead tree
Lush gardens

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