Early Autumn Activity


While the young Braeburn apple tree continues to stretch towards the sky, Aphrodite’s Gardens put the newly learned skills into action and sowed wildflower meadows in two gardens. Two weeks later the first seedlings were already showing!

Bulb planting has also started. www.futureforests.ie and www.fruithillfarm.com have a good choice of (organic) bulbs on offer and deliver fast and hassle-free.

Seed saving is in full swing. The seeds of summer flowers are safely dried and stored for next year, while tree seeds are only starting to ripen.

To find out how to make your garden more pollinator-friendly, take a look at the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan at https://pollinators.ie/ . Lots of information to be found here!

Freshly sown wildflower meadow 1
Newly sown wildflower meadow 2
A green veil of tiny wildflower seedlings
Bulb delivery – planting time is between now and the end of December
Seed saving – next year’s summer flowers packed away safely for the winter

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