Apple Blossom Time

While Magnolias and Cherry Blossoms were outdoing themselves with a magnificent show of flowers, apples were taking their time this year. But now they’re covered in beautiful white flowers with a touch of pink, and their fine scent attracts lots of pollinating insects.
The young Braeburn tree isn’t flowering yet, but its neighbour Early Victoria, two years older, is joining the more mature trees by blossoming fully.

Aphrodite’s Gardens has been busy planning and planting new projects on top of the ongoing maintenance work. The weather has been great, and it’s a pleasure to finish projects within schedule.

A word about first communions, confirmations and other events: If you have an event coming up and would like to get your garden into shape beforehand, please get in touch way ahead of the event.
First of all, planning takes time. It makes sense to look at ideas and options for a while, to discuss them and find out what you really want, and then go for it when the time is right.
Second, some plants are available at certain times of the year, while unavailable at other times. Planning ahead allows for the best choice of plants at the right moment and can save a lot of money.
Third and most important, plants are living beings who need time to settle in after planting. A newly planted border still looks ‘empty’ for a while, until plants start to grow and fill the space.
Getting started a year before the event allows ample time for planning, planting and growing. Getting started in January for a May event is a good idea. Getting started ten days before the event, however, is not so great. There are still things that can be done short-term, but it will likely be a stressful experience to all involved, people and plants alike.
So start thinking about next year’s first communions, confirmations, weddings, anniversaries…. now! Do get in touch and we’ll start planning. You can then watch out all summer and autumn for plants and planting schemes you like or dislike and let your ideas grow.

Braeburn apple tree covered in fresh leaves
Early Victoria apple tree in full blossom
Apple trees planted about 10 years ago
Before: border in January
After: same border end of April, after tidying, digging, weeding, planting

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